Finding Intimacy with God

Here at Faithwalk Ministries it is our goal to see the body of Christ strengthened and working together through unity of purpose and complete reliance upon the power available to us through our risen Lord Jesus Christ.

We believe that Jesus came and died on the cross not only to purchase our salvation and take us to heaven with Him, but also to live here on earth as an example of how we should live as His disciples.

We believe that He came to show us how to walk in complete and uninterrupted fellowship with His Heavenly Father, and to yield Himself completely to the leading and control of the Holy Spirit so that God might display His power in His life and be glorified through Him.

We believe that the God who worked such mighty miracles throughout the Old Testament times and worked so powerfully through Jesus and then through the apostles is still on His throne, and that He is still desiring to display His love and power through us today.

The Bible tells us that He is the same yesterday, today and forever, and we believe that his desire for us today is still to use His followers to display His character and to portray His lovingkindness and faithfulness throughout the world for His glory.

We believe that the key to being able to walk in authority and power today is still the same as it was in Jesus' day; for us to have an intimate and close fellowship with our Heavenly Father, and to live a life yielded and in complete surrender to the Holy Spirit working through us mightily for His glory.

Our goal here at Faithwalk Ministries is to help equip and teach God's people to truly walk in close, intimate fellowship with their Heavenly Father, and to help identify and breakdown some of the obstacles that hinder us from being able to reach that place.

We pray that you will find the ministry and tools here helpful in growing closer in your personal walk, and we want to encourage you to contact us if there is anything that we can do to assist you on that journey.

We also pray that God will reveal Himself to you in new and exciting ways everyday as you press in toward the goal of your Heavenly calling. May God richly bless you and reveal Himself to you as you seek Him with your whole heart.

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