Messages on Walking With God

One of the things we plan to do here at Faithwalk Ministries is to post messages from time to time which deal specifically with key issues affecting our walk with God.

Instead of just sending them out to our mailing list, we will post them here on our website where they are available for everyone to see at any time.

If you wish to be notified when new messages are posted, just simply sign up with the orange RSS button to receive the Faithwalk Blog, and we will notify you each time that we add a new message.

Our goal is to make these messages as helpful and useful as possible in assisting you as you seek to get past various hurdles which might be hindering you from drawing closer to God in various areas of your life.

Jesus said in John 8:32 that we would know the truth, and the truth would set us free. Our goal, then, is to address some of these various life issues by simply laying out the truth as provided in scripture, along with ways of dealing with these issues which we have found to be helpful.

As our goal is to make each of these messages as relevant and helpful as possible, your feedback would be greatly appreciated. We are providing an opportunity at the end of each message for you to let us know whether or not you found each particular message helpful, as well as to leave any feedback or questions that you might have. Also feel free to let us know if there is a specific topic that you would like for us to address in the future. This will allow us to identify areas where the needs are the greatest, and help us to know where to center our efforts.

To view the messages, simply click on the title of each message listed below, and that will direct you to each one. Then check back with us regularly to see what else we have added, or simply sign up to receive our blog, and you will be notified when each new message is posted.

We hope and pray that you will find these messages to be very helpful in your walk with God as you seek to draw ever closer to Him!

Until He Returns,


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