Healing and Miracles

Sometimes hearing stories about how God has supernaturally brought healing in the lives of others can encourage us and build our faith in our own search for a miracle. Healing is a subject that can be quite controversial today, and there are probably extremes and abuses on both sides of the issue. It is not our purpose here to address any of these issues. We serve an awesome God whom we believe desires to bless His children, and has good gifts for them (James 1:17).

Instead, our goal in addressing this subject here on our website is to simply share a few examples of some of the things we have seen God do, in order to help show you that He is alive and active in our lives, and that He will intervene and act supernaturally on our behalf.

We believe that God can and does heal today, and we simply want to share a few of our stories with you to help encourage you and maybe raise your faith level to a point where you could believe that God could do a miracle for you, too!

Read and enjoy the following stories, but we pray that you will also be able through them to see a part of God's heart towards you, and to begin to realize more than ever before that He is good. Then our prayer would be that you would be able to begin letting down some of the walls around your heart, and to allow your Heavenly Father to draw you nearer into His presence than ever before.

We also want to provide an opportunity for you to share a story about a miracle that God has done in your life, so that we may all be encouraged in our faith and become more willing than ever before to place our lives and our circumstances in His hands, because we are confident that we can trust Him to bring about what is absolutely best in our lives. Be praying and thinking about a time you could share about when God intervened in your life, that we might all be encouraged together. If you have a miracle story that you would like to share, simply click here to share your story with us.

Just click on any of the stories below, and may your heart be encouraged as you catch a glimpse of the Father's heart in each of these situations. Enjoy!

Life-Flight Healing
During Worship
God Turned the Water into...Warm?
Dissolving a Rock
A Puppy?
At Costco?
92 Year Old Lady

If you are in need of God's healing touch in your life in some way and would like us to pray with you, just click here and fill out the prayer request form and send it to us, and we would love to pray with you for your situation and see what God will do!

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