School of Intimacy

One of the outreaches we are starting here at Faithwalk Ministries is our "School of Intimacy". Its purpose is to give people who are really hungering for more in there relationship with God the opportunity to come and spend a couple of weeks in intense discipleship training. It is designed to give the students 3 sessions per day of worship and training, as well as quiet time to spend one on one with God each day to begin to put into practice and experience the things they have been learning.

We believe that nothing can replace a close, intimate relationship with our Heavenly Father for helping us to attain all that God has in store for us both personally and in ministry to those around us. We also believe that the process of developing that kind of walk does not have to be a long, drawn out process. When a person is able to come aside for a couple of weeks and focus almost entirely on pressing in closer and learning to experience God in new and more intimate ways, that person is able to grow by leaps and bounds over a fairly short period of time. While we never quit growing, we believe this course can give a person a tremendous jump start to deepening their understanding of their Father's love and desire to be close to them. We believe it will also help to create a far deeper hunger for the things of God that will cause their growth to continue at a much deeper rate once they come to understand all that God really has in store for them. Paul tells us in 1Cor. 2:9, quoting from Isaiah 64,that "no eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love Him. He also tells us in Eph 3:20 that He (God) "is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us".

Our experience today is that most Christians don't really live their lives in such a way as to indicate that they really believe this is true. And how are they to know, if it is something which they have never really experienced for themselves?

We believe that what is missing is a clear understanding and development of a close, intimate relationship with their Heavenly Father. We have found that once a person has had a genuine encounter with the God who loves them, and really desires to impact their lives and show His incredible love to them in a personal way, they never again have a desire to turn back to their old ways. We want to help guide them into that encounter, and then just watch the amazing things that begin to happen in a person's life once they are genuinely turned on to the God who truly loves them and loves to show them in so many ways.

If you believe this is something you might be interested in, we would love for you to contact us. The reason we can be absolutely confident in promising you that if you give this a sincere effort your life will never be the same, is because it is not us doing the changing. We stand absolutely confident that the God of the universe is standing ready and desiring to reveal Himself to you in new and powerful ways. All we are doing is helping to guide you into a place of being receptive and ready to receive all that He has, and to help you remove some of the obstacles in your life that have prevented you from really experiencing Him up to this point. He wants a relationship with us even more than we do with Him, so what have you got to lose?

Click here to see a list of the topics that will be covered in the school.

We have also been asked to put this in a couple of other formats to make it easier for more people to benefit from this training. For those who can't set aside a couple of weeks to participate, we are going to begin teaching one session per week in the evenings. This method will take much longer to get through all of the information, but it will make it available to more people. Also, for those who are not able to come here to Northwest Montana for the training, we are currently working on developing it into a CD/DVD format so that the training can then be received at your location. We would then be available in anyway we could to assist you with any trouble spots you might encounter.

Please feel free to contact us for further information or to see about scheduling. Also, please pray for us as we continue to develop each of these programs in such a way that God truly has the freedom to touch and impact lives in a very real and powerful way.

May God richly bless you and reveal Himself to you as you seek to walk closer with Him each and every day.

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