Refreshment Ministry

There are many areas in which the church of today, especially in North America, is really struggling, but we believe one of the most harmful is the condition of its leadership. In today’s church, incredible numbers of pastors, youth leaders, even missionaries are facing tremendous struggles with discouragement, exhaustion, burnout and depression. They truly love the Lord and are trying with everything they have to serve Him, but there seems to be very little fruit resulting from their labor, and there is no power in their ministries.

They have invested years of their lives in Bible college, seminary, etc., pursuing what they truly believed was God’s call on their lives, but now they don’t know where to turn, because God doesn’t seem to be showing up or doing very much to keep up His end of things. As a result, many of these well meaning and sincere servants of God are ending up disillusioned and not really sure where to turn anymore. The sad truth of this shows in the fact that 70% of pastors in America today would change professions if they were able, and of all of the men and women in Bible college today, 80% will quit the ministry within the first five years. These statistics are tragic. How do we take what we are seeing here and align it with the victorious and abundant life that Christ said He came to give us, when even our leadership seems so powerless and are not experiencing the life we were promised?

We are in the process of developing a retreat/training center tucked up against the mountains in beautiful northwest Montana to reach out to these overworked, weary servants of God. We plan to provide them with a setting where they can come for some much needed rest/relaxation, and at the same time we can just love on them and minister to their needs. We want to take these people and allow them to experience God’s healing work in their lives, and equip them to then take that healing ministry back home with them. We have found that once someone has truly experienced the touch of God’s Spirit on their lives and have been shown how to truly understand and live in His incredible love for them, it brings about a powerful transformation in how they go about serving God. Instead of working hard for God in their own strength, and never really getting a chance to get recharged, they instead learn how to let the Spirit of God do the work through them, and recharge and empower them at the same time. When this happens, the results are always much more effective and fruitful work with much less effort. We can no longer afford to keep doing the same things the same old way when it is failing to bring about the much needed results.

We are told repeatedly in John 15 that only as we really abide in Christ can we truly accomplish anything of eternal significance, and yet most of the church today does not understand what that really looks like or how to get there.

The apostle Paul said “my message and my preaching were not with wise and persuasive words, but with a demonstration of the Spirit’s power, so that your faith might not rest on men’s wisdom, but on God’s power.” (1 Cor 2:4-5 NIV). We believe that it was never God’s intention for His people to spread the Kingdom of God by sheer hard work and persuasive logic, and yet that is exactly how much of the church of today goes about trying to reach the world for Christ.

In these last days God is pouring out His Spirit and moving across the earth in displays of power and of His presence that the world has never seen before. Our goal is to help equip the people of God to come alongside and partner with Him in what He is doing in the earth today, and as we do, we believe that the effectiveness and fruit of their ministries will grow exponentially, and the earth will once again be filled with His glory.

Our goal is to make this place available to all those in ministry who need a fresh start; who want to continue to serve God, but are tired of doing the same old things every day that at best bring little fruit, but rather desire to see God begin to move in power through them to see lives changed in ways that only a miracle working God can do. Please pray for us as we continue to press into the Lord to get the place ready, and if you believe that you or someone you know could benefit from this ministry please feel free to contact us.

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