A 92 Year Old Lady

One Sunday afternoon I received a phone call from a lady who attended our church. She was asking for prayer for her 92 year old mother who was in the emergency room with extreme abdominal pain.

Tests had revealed that her gall bladder was in very bad shape, and they wanted to schedule her for emergency surgery that afternoon to have it removed. However, the operating rooms were all full, and so they had given her something for pain, and were going to keep her in the hospital overnight in order to be able to keep an eye on her. They scheduled her surgery for 7am Monday morning, as that was the first available opening they could get for an operating room.

I prayed with her on the phone, and then we prayed again that evening at our Sunday evening service.

I received a call from her about 9am Monday morning, and she told me that the nurses had come in early that morning and had gotten her all prepped for surgery; they had given her the shots and had gotten her all scrubbed and ready. Then, just before the time for the surgery itself, the surgeon came in and told her that they didn't know what had happened, but all of a sudden her gall bladder was working perfectly, and the surgery was no longer needed! They said that she could go ahead and have it removed if she wanted to, but it certainly wasn't necessary.

When I got the call, they were in the car on their way home from the hospital, and she had told her daughter to give her the phone, because she wanted to talk to me. She was so excited about what God had done for her!

That was a little over a year and a half ago, and she has still had no more problems with her gall bladder!

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