At Costco?

One day not long ago I stopped into Costco to pick up a couple of itmes we needed. After checking out, I went out, threw my purchases in the trunk of the car and got ready to leave. As I was preparing to go, I noticed a young lady who had just come out of the store, and it was clearly obvious that she was in great distress. She was attempting to push her cart over to her car, but she was completely doubled over in pain, and apparently could not straighten her back up.

I had just backed out of my parking spot when I noticed her, and I said to the Lord, "There are so many people who are hurting so badly and desperately need your touch. I wish I could understand this healing thing better, and when we are supposed to pray for people, and when not."

Then the Lord told me, "You can go pray for her if you want." (I am still trying to understand all of the different issues which surround the subject of praying for the sick, and why sometimes when I pray for someone I see God do amazing miracles, and at other times nothing seems to happen.)

I answered the Lord honestly and said "I don't want to pray for her if you aren't going to do anything," but again, I heard Him gently tell me that I could pray for her if I wanted to.

By this time the lady had gotten into her car, which was parked directly in front of where I had been parked. I could see her sitting in the driver's seat and leaning forward against the steering wheel and crying.

I pulled back into my parking spot and got out and walked over to her car, then kind of sheepishly knocked on her window.

She nervously rolled her window down less than an inch to see what I wanted, and I just asked her if she was OK. She said no, and continued crying as she explained to me that she had hurt her back really badly a few days before, and she didn't know what she was going to do. The doctors had told her she would have to take at least 4 weeks off work, and she didn't know how her employer was going to respond, in addition to knowing that there was no way for her to make it for a month financially with no money coming in. Many of us can relate to that!

After she finished explaining all of this, I gently asked her if I could pray for her. She looked kind of surprised at first, but said yes and rolled her window the rest of the way down. I then just asked her specifically where her back was hurt. After she had told me, I simply reached my hand in the car window and placed it on the place she had indicated on her back.

I then commanded the spine to be restored, and the pain to leave her body, and then simply asked the Holy Spirit to come and completely restore her. Even though I was standing outside, I could immediately feel the Lord's presence begin to fill the car, and a peace began to settle over her that was amazing to watch. Almost immediately her tears of anguish turned to tears of joy as God completely healed her body and removed her fears.

She then told me that as I prayed she could hear Jesus tell her that everything was going to be OK, and not to worry about her work situation; that her boss was going to understand, but also that she was not going to need all of that time off from work.

I then asked her how she was doing, and she told me excitedly that the pain and stiffness were completely gone, and she then demonstrated it by turning around and leaning clear out of the car window to give me a hug and say thank you. God is so amazing!

I still don't have everything figured out, but I do know that if we aren't willing to step out in faith and take a risk, we can miss out on so many awesome things that God wants to do through us, and someone else may miss out on a touch from Him that they desperately need! I am so thankful that I pressed in that day and prayed for her!

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