A Healing During Worship

One Sunday evening while I was leading worship at our church, we had an exciting thing happen, although I didn't even know until later what it was.

There was a couple who had only been attending our church for a short time, but they liked to help lead worship; she sang and her husband played the guitar. When we were in the middle of about our second song, all of a sudden Georgianna started choking and coughing, and when I looked over at her standing next to me, there were tears in her eyes. I quickly asked if she was OK, and she signalled to me that she was, so we continued worshipping, and then I went on with the rest of the service.

After church was over, she hurried up to me and said "Pastor, I have to tell you what happened to me"! She then proceeded to tell me that for the past two years she had been dealing with a large lump in her throat. The doctors had been urging her to have it surgically removed, but as they did not have any insurance, they had not been able to have it done yet. This lump made it difficult for her to swallow food, and at times would even cause difficulty breathing.

She then told me that while we were worshipping, she suddenly felt someone reach down into her throat and grab ahold of the lump and pull it out! Feeling it come out was what caused her to start coughing and choking, and then she just couldn't hold back the tears of joy.

No one laid hands on her and no one even prayed for her, and yet God in His faithfulness knew her need, and as she was raising her hands to worship Him, God reached down with His hand and touched her.

Monday morning she hurried into the doctor's office to tell them what had happened and get it checked again. After an examination, the doctors could only confirm that the lump was completely gone! They gave her a clean bill of health, and told her that there was no need for her to come back anymore! Isn't that cool!

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