Faith Through The Fire

by Melissa Grimes
(Meggett, S.C.)

June 17, 1991, my husband Frankie was in a chemical explosion at work in a building with 9 other men. Six died in the initial explosion and Frankie and the other 3 men were taken to the intensive care burn unit as a result of severe second and third degree burns. Frankie would spend four and a half months in the burn unit. During the first two months he was placed in a medically induced coma during which time the other three men died leaving Frankie the only survivor. The doctors didn't expect any of them to live and it's a true miracle Frankie survived. He was burned almost seventy percent of his body and they didn't know I'f he would see or not from chemicals affecting his eyes. God answered our prayers and saved his vision! They also had me give them permission to amputate his left hand but through much prayer God saved his hand also. When he was in the medically induced coma, Jesus came to him and spoke to him and Frankie rededicated his life to Christ while in the coma. We serve a merciful God! Today, almost 24 years later, Frankie leads a normal life other than the scars from the burns he suffered. Blessings

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