Life-Flight Healing

Mary’s place was the gathering place for Friday night prayer, and one of the regular prayer warriors was a man named Don. On Monday, June 23, 2008, God woke Don up at 5 a.m. with a heavy burden to pray for Mary’s family. He prayed intensely for 1 1/2 hours that morning until the heaviness lifted and he felt God’s release to go back to bed.

At precisely the time Don quit praying, Mary received a phone call from the highway patrol in Utah. Wyatt, her youngest son, had been in a life-threatening single-car accident at the Utah-Arizona border and was said to be in serious condition. Because of hot daytime temperatures, Wyatt and his three friends had chosen to drive during the coolest part of the day, but had not anticipated fatigue at that hour.

While Wyatt and one of the other boys slept in the back seat, the driver began to get sleepy as the vehicle sped ahead on cruise control. The car left the road doing over 60 mph, and upon coming up out of the other side of the ditch, flew 60 feet through the air before once again striking the ground. Upon impact, the car struck a large boulder, which started it spinning. It spun at least two complete revolutions before finally coming to rest. All four tires were blown by the impact.

Another driver who observed the accident was amazed that the teens were even alive; he said it should’ve killed them all. As it turned out, though, Wyatt was the only one seriously injured. The other driver pulled Wyatt out of the vehicle and covered him with a sweater to help keep out the cold, and left to call for help.

Wyatt was rushed to the hospital in Kanab, UT, where x-rays were taken. He had multiple broken ribs, plus a punctured and deflated lung. Because of the seriousness of his condition, Wyatt was life-flighted to University Hospital in Salt Lake City. Thanks to Don’s prayers, though, God did an amazing miracle during the flight. Wyatt’s collapsed lung re-inflated by itself, which is something the doctors said NEVER happens.

Mary and I drove all night and arrived at the hospital early Tuesday morning to find Wyatt not even in his bed, but down the hall getting a Starbuck's coffee! On Wednesday afternoon more x-rays were taken to make sure no more fluid was building up in the lungs. Not only were the lungs clear of fluid, but they could no longer find any of the fractures in the ribs; they had been completely healed! The doctors and nurses were absolutely amazed, but they went ahead and released him to go home that afternoon, just two days after the accident that should have taken his life!

We drove all night, arriving home early Thursday morning, and Wyatt sat up front with me through the whole trip to help me stay awake. Shortly after arriving home, he was off driving on his own to visit his girlfriend, and 2-3 weeks afterward was on a ladder driving steel fence posts in the ground with a twelve pound sledge hammer! No rib or lung problems!

So, the next time you’re awakened by the Lord to pray for someone, take heed, for you may be the very instrument He has chosen to save someone’s life. What an awesome God we serve!

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