Man healed in Walmart

I was shopping in Walmart one day, looking for protein bars in the pharmacy section. I don't know why, but that is where Walmart has their protein products. When a man who seemed to be in excruciating pain came up to me he said "excuse me miss, I am so sorry to bother you,but do you have some drugs or pain killers I can have like a Tylenol?"

Feeling so sorry for his pain I told him I did not, plus I know giving medicine to a complete stranger is not a good idea. Then he walked away as he did I was quickened to the verse "Silver and gold have I none but this I do have!" That verse gave me the faith or confidence I needed to approach that man at the store.

I ran over to him and asked if I can pray for him. He humbly excepted prayer and didn't care if I prayed in the store at that moment. I told him to open his hands like he will receive a gift. The man opened his hands and said he felt heat..that's a good sign of God working. After the prayer the look on the mans face was much calmer and he had a sigh of relief and he was in awe at the same time. God healed him!!

He later told me he had kidney stones and the pain was completely gone after we prayed for healing! Yay God!!

After shopping.. when I went to check out I saw him sitting on the chair in the subway just looking at his hands constantly. He received a gift from a Papa who loves him.

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