Multiplying Burgers

by Chuck
(Montana, USA)

I am a pastor in a small community in Montana. A while back we planned a fellowship picnic for the people who attend our small groups ministry. We were meeting at a park, and the plan was to grill hamburgers, and to have all of the extras to go with them.

I purchased the hamburgers for the picnic, and various others brought salads, desserts, etc., but I was the only one to bring hamburgers.

I wasn't really sure how many people would actually come, but with 4 small groups, I purchased enough hamburger patties to feed 35 people, and figured we'd be in good shape.

However, word of the picnic got around, and several other groups decided to join in. By the time we were ready to start feeding them, we had right at about 80 people present.

I was the only person there who knew how many (or actually how few) hamburger patties I had purchased, but in all of the rush of the day, I never mentioned it to anyone. There wasn't time to go get any more, so I just prayerfully put it in God's hands.

I watched occasionally as the guys just kept grabbing hamburgers and throwing them on the grill, as I hadn't told them that we didn't have nearly enough. Quite a few of the people present were young people, and I know for a fact that quite a few of them had 2, or even more, hamburgers.

I was the last person served, and everyone had all they wanted; we never ran out! God is definitely still working today!

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