Oh, To Have Been A Bystander!!!

by Mary Bissell
(Bigfork, MT, USA)

"Jesus!" I screamed as I awoke suddenly to see our car speeding through a 4 feet deep ditch! My husband later remembered: "The Lord drove the car while we slept! When we awoke, we probably slowed down from 60 mph in 1/8th of a mile. I drove up onto a parallel embankment 20 or 30 ft. to the left of the road, down to a farm lane (another 1/8th of a mile) and turned back onto the highway."
It was May, 1982 and Bill was driving our 1976 Mustang and pulling a 2-wheeled rented trailer. Our 16 yr. old friend was in the back seat. The windows were closed, the radio was off, and we were all tired. I glanced at the back seat and saw Karen asleep. I rested my head. Bill glanced at me and saw me asleep. He relaxed.
All 3 of us awoke at the same time! I could see the end of the ditch coming quickly!
After Bill brought the car back onto the highway we turned the car around and went back to find the beginning of the tire tracks in the ditch. There was no sign of going down the 4-foot embankment. There were just the tire tracks of the car and trailer suddenly appearing on the bottom of the ditch in perfect alignment! Wouldn't it have been interesting to be a bystander of that miraculous journey from the time we left the opposite side of the road to the time of our sudden awakening? We had also missed hitting any of the metal snow marker poles that lined both sides of the 2-lane road. We will never forget our Lord's protection!
When we returned home, Bill stopped at a gas station with a lift and asked the attendant to lift the car so he could check underneath. It had big clods of dirt and grass and the attendant asked where all that had come from....Bill told how God had saved our lives!

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