A Puppy?

This is one of the more unusual healings I've ever experienced, but I like it because I believe it shows another side of God's heart, and His goodness.

I received a phone call one Sunday afternoon from a lady who attended our church. She was crying, and said that they were at the veterinarian's office, and that the new puppy they had had for only a short time was dying. She said the vet was working on it as we spoke, but said there really wasn't anything she could do to save it, so this lady wanted me to pray with them over the phone for God to heal their puppy.

As I learned afterwards, they had understood when they got the puppy that it had had all of its shots, but as they found out to late, that was apparently not the case. The vet told them that at some point the puppy had apparently come in contact with another animal, possibly a skunk or something, and that it had developed a rare form of rabies for which there was no cure. It was really having difficulty breathing, and the vet was recommending that they put it to sleep.

This lady told me that the vet was busy trying to save the puppy, but that she was going to put her cell phone on speaker phone and hold it over the puppy so it could hear me. She then wanted me to pray for the puppy's healing. I had never had a request quite like this, and I had no idea how the vet was responding to the situation. I must confess that I felt a little silly as I prayed a simple prayer commanding the disease to leave the puppy, and asking the Lord to restore it to complete health. I then got off the phone rather quickly, somewhat wondering if the vet thought she was dealing with a lunatic or something!

The lady called me a few hours later to tell me that they had the puppy at home, and that it was running and playing and having a great time! God had completely healed this puppy for them, in spite of my not being sure at the time just what to expect. I do know, however, that I just love serving a God who will do something like that for one of His children who has the childlike faith to simply ask Him to, and then to believe that He will!

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