It is our goal here at Faithwalk Ministries to assist you in a variety of ways to grow closer to your Heavenly Father,
and to deepen your understanding of the plans He has for you.

One of the ways we will do this is to bring you a variety of resources from time to time which we believe will be especially helpful to you in progressing in your walk or in overcoming some of the obstacles that stand in the way.

Our prayer is that you will find these resources helpful in a powerful way. Please feel free to contact us if there is any way we can help you, or send us your thoughts on these resources and let us know if they have proven to be helpful.

God Wants Fellowship   We get many people contacting us who are hungry to know that God wants a close, personal relationship with each and every one of us. Truthfully, the Bible tells us that we were created for this very purpose. In this message Pastor Rick takes us to the stories of three people in scripture who had very personal relationships with their Heavenly Father to show us just how God wants our relationship with Him to be. So, get ready to jump into a deeper and more exciting walk with God than you ever imagined possible!

Single CD....................................$6.95

Jesus as Our Example    As Christians, we often live our lives knowing that Jesus came to die on the cross for our sins so we could go to Heaven to be with Him when we die.
However, much of the time we fail to understand how much more He was trying to show us. In this message Pastor Rick shares how the scripture teaches us that Jesus ministered for three years to show us what our walk with God should look like, then told us that our ministry and lives should look just like His! This is a powerful message that will help open your eyes to the awesome life of faith that God is calling each and every one of us to live.

Single CD....................................$6.95

Responding to Trials   Life can be very difficult at times, and Jesus told us that in this world we would have trouble.
We all face it. However, the way we choose to respond to the problems that come our way makes all the difference in the world. Too many times we draw back from the difficulties, becoming hurt, or even bitter and angry with God for allowing hard things to happen to us. This puts a lot of distance between us and our Heavenly Father, and makes it very difficult for us to get close to Him. In this message, Pastor Rick shares several characteristics of eagles to show us how we can use the difficult circumstances in our lives to lift us up and draw us closer to God. If you struggle with the hard times life brings, we believe that this powerful message will help to open your eyes to the tremendous benefits that will come if you will learn to embrace the difficulties that life brings, and to see that they are coming to you through the hands of a loving Father!

Single CD....................................$6.95

Battling in the Spirit Realm    The Bible is very clear that we have an enemy in this world named Satan, or the devil. I can promise you that if you are trying to live for Jesus and serve Him, that enemy is trying very hard to work against you. For some reason much of the church today does not really deal with Him very much. In fact, a lot of Christians have the attitude that if you just don't bother him he will leave you alone. Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth! In this message Pastor Rick teaches us the importance of being willing and able to battle in the spirit realm for the things we need, as well as some of the basics on how to begin.
This is a powerful call to action for the church today, and will help you see the need for us to be ready to take the battle into the enemy's territory and become the spiritual warriors God has called us to be!

Single CD....................................$6.95

School of Intimacy    This is our very popular "School of Intimacy" recorded on CD's. It consists of three volumes for a total of 24 messages on different aspects of developing a very close and personal walk with God. Simply click here to see a list of the topics covered. This is a very thorough series that we absolutely believe will change your spiritual life and the way you view your Heavenly Father. He is waiting for you with open arms, and our desire is to help lead you into the very rewarding and fulfilling relationship with Him that you were created to enjoy!

Set of 24 CDs....................................$149