School of Intimacy Topics

Intro - Going to really challenge your belief system

Created for Fellowship

God Wants Intimacy - Developing a Hunger for God

Time of Ministry to experience Spirit’s Touch

Satan Opposes Intimacy, OK with religion

Jesus as our Example of How to Walk With God

Leave Sin which so easily Entangles

Not being Double minded, Can’t have God and the World

Importance of Deliverance / Being Clean

Importance of Understanding Father Figure

Importance of Dwelling in God’s Presence

Learning to Hear God’s Voice

Learning to Relate to Holy Spirit

Overcoming Fear of Intimacy

Overcoming Other Obstacles to Intimacy

Part Worship plays in Intimacy

What is Prayer? How does it Work?

Learning to Walk with God 24/7 , Practicing His Presence

Learning to See Him as Source for ALL Needs

Learning to Battle in Spirit Realm for What we Need

Learning to be Overcomers / More than Conquerors

Importance of Living by Faith, Not by Sight

Learning to do everything by Spirit’s Power, Not Own Strength

Teaching on Gift of Prophecy

Dangers and Pitfalls of Prophecy

Practicing Prophecy

Part Miracles Play in God’s End Times Plan

Overcoming Unbelief

Learning to Walk in the Miraculous

Discovering God’s Unique Plan for YOU

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