Supernatural healing!

by Cliff
(Monroe, MI)

It was in 2002, when I visited Norway and was doing ministry with an Evangelical Church.
It was Thursday afternoon I received a call from the home group leader I was to go speak at that evening. She asked me if I could come an hour or two earlier because she wanted me to go pray for a sick child.
Arriving at this house, we met the mother of the sick child. The child was in the bedroom.
Then she excused herself to go bring the sick child.
What I saw, send shivers into my spine: A 2 year old girl reduced to a tiny, thin girl because of brain cancer.
She had pipes into her nose and magnetic strips all over.
I stretched my hands to pray for her and suddenly felt my palms become so hot and as I laid my hands on her head, I felt like electricity flowing through my hands onto her head and I knew the miracle had happened.
Following day the mother took her to hospital only for the doctors to ask the mother what had happened to the girl.
I traveled back to Kenya and returned again to the same Church only to see the girl playing with other children. She was now 6 years old.
She was totally healed to date.
Glory to God

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